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'Nemzetközi testvérvárosi találkozó Gárdony és testvérvárosai szervezésében'

The project «Nemzetközi testvérvárosi találkozó Gárdony és testvérvárosai szervezésében – International town twinning meeting organized by Gárdony and its partners» was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"

Applicable to the Action 1, Measure 1.1 "Town Twinning Citizens' Meetings”

Participation: The project involved 289 citizens, notably 172 participants from the city of Gárdony (Hungary), 50 participants from the city of Postbauer-Heng (Germany), 25 participants from the city of Kirchbach (Austria), 18 participants from the city of Mörlenbach (Germany), 6 participants from the city of Lesquin (France), 3 participants from the city of Salo (Finnland) and 15 participants from the city of Sepsikőröspatak (Romania).

Location/ Dates: The event took place in  Gárdony and Budapest, Hungary, from  01/05/2014  to  04/05/2014 

Short description: 

The day of 01/05/2014 was dedicated to the travel and arrival of guest: a welcome reception and official dinner was organized, guests could get to know each other and reinforce existing relationships.

The day of 02/05/2014 was dedicated to development projects financed by the EU: site visits were organized in Budapest, where development projects funded by the EU (reconstruction of Margaret and Liberty bridge, reconstruction of Budapest downtown, construction of the new metro line, etc.) were presented to the participants. A flash mob was also organized, the participants sang together in the Heroes’ Square the EU anthem, each city sang it in its own language.

In the afternoon EU funded development projects of Gárdony (heating system of the thermal bath using geothermal energy) were presented to the guest. Lectures and workshops regarding the development projects of the twin towns were also held.

The day closed with an official dinner and artistic performances and voluntaries from the local Alboráda choir helped the participants to learn and perform together traditional songs typical to the twin towns.   

The day of 03/05/2014 was dedicated to the topics of sport, people with disabilities, civic participation, environment protection, benefits of EU membership.  

In the morning the guest visited the sport facilities of Gárdony and its surroundings (cycling path, open air fitness centre, playground, etc.) which were built with the support of the EU. An ongoing project of the Pro Recreatione Association was presented: the aim of this project is to integrate people with disabilities in practicing activities of 300 children in 3 Olympic water sports. Guest were also actively involved in the sport life if Gárdony, they could participate in canoe and dragon boat trips.

During the day workshops were organized with the following topics: Civic participation in the democratic life of the EU and 2014 EP elections; How does the EU support the integration of people with disabilities?; How can we help disadvantaged citizens in our towns?; Impact of EU membership; EU for environmental protection. In addition professionals presented in practice the process of waste processing.

In the afternoon a boat trip in the nearby wetland area was organized, emphasising the importance of the nature protection and sensibility of wetland areas.

Artistic performances (traditional dance and music) were also organized, traditional folk instruments were presented, and the participants could also actively participate in arts and crafts workshops. An exhibition celebrating the past 20 years of the twinning relationship with the Austrian and German twin town was also organized. The day was closed with another official dinner and open-air festivities.

The day of 04/05/2014 was dedicated to the good-bye and travel of invited guests. After the participants left to their home towns the organizers started the summary and evaluation work: the feedback received from the participants was processed and the evaluation of the project has started. 
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